Dynamics NAV Links

What is Mibuso?

Statement from their website: “To provide a platform for users and developers of products from the Microsoft Dynamics product family (NAV, CRM, AX, GP, SL, … ) to exchange ideas, tools, routines, and to find business partners and products.”

Visit: mibuso.com

Dynamics User Group
What is Dynamics User Group?

It is a community for all microsoft dynamics products and provides several forums and blogs about Micorosft Dynamics NAV.

Visit: dynamicsuser.net/nav/f/

NAV Blogs
There are a lot of interesting blogs writing about Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Here is a piece of list:

http://blogs.msdn.com/b/german_nav_developer/ – official german developer blog

MVPs and other Bloggers:

http://vjeko.com/ – Vjeko
https://dynamicsuser.net/nav/b/vanvugt – Luc
http://www.waldo.be/ – Waldo
http://www.dynamics.is/ – Gunnar
http://www.olofsimren.com/ – Olof
https://robertostefanettinavblog.com/ – Roberto
https://markbrummel.blog/ – Mark

Happy reading 🙂